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About Us

We are a team of sisters who absolutely love creating items and putting smiles on our family and friends' faces. We were fortunate enough to have a mother who passed down her creativity to us (although she might disagree). We spent our childhood years making a mess in both the kitchen and our rooms, with our creativity spilling out. As we got older, our crafting took us into the world of scrapbooking, cardmaking, and quilting, with the sweet treats on the side.

After years of creating cards and invitations for our family and friends, we decided to buckle down and think about new directions we wanted to go in. In the Summer of 2011, we journeyed on an epic cross-country road trip, where, with plenty of time to think and plan, we decided to start Two Early Birds. Since our work made others happy, we decided to expand our creative output. After opening our store, we started out with small projects here and there, created decorations for our classrooms, and we have {tried} to narrow down our love to paper goods. Although our day jobs can be hectic, this offers us a way to relax after long days, putting a smile on both our faces and those of our customers. Hopefully our pieces will add just the perfect touch to your party (or classroom)!

What makes our products so special? Anyone can print out digital files “personalized” by adding a name and age here or there. We listen to our customers' needs and work with them to create the perfect piece for their party. We put our hearts into all of our products to make everything just right!

Contact Us

We love making working with customers to make the best impression! We can make decorations for almost any theme and occasion! If there are any items you'd like to see, please contact us using one of the methods below (links open in new windows)


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